Awareness agreement, Information guidelines and Terms & Conditions


As with all coloured glass and glass products, that there are variables that will affect the appearance. It is an Australian Standard ,that glass is to be inspected at a distance of 3 meters back, & under natural light, and if any defects cannot be seen, that this is within the Standard guidelines. Small marks or scratches on the glass that are able to be seen when standing up close to the glass are not deemed as a faulty product.

Coloured glass can be affected by either the size of the glass, eg: small pieces will appear darker than a large piece which attracts more light. The position in the room, lack of light, more light, or existing paint or colour scheme could also affect the final colour. Trying to colour match to original paint may not always be successful, as even though you may select the same colour from the same brand, being behind glass changes how the colour is portrayed due to the absorption of light from the glass.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the surface that any coloured glass is being installed on, is in good condition, is suitable for the glass to be applied, and that if within 100mm of direct heat, that a backing board that meets the safety requirements has been put in place.

Prior to the measure of coloured glass splashbacks:
All powerpoints are to be set & or cut out prior to the measure, all benchtops are installed, all overhead cupboards install and all painted surfaces are clean. Rangehoods must be in place before measure can take place also. These cannot be changed after accepting the quote and original measurements.

Prior to the installation of coloured glass splashbacks:
The customer must ensure that all power has been turned off the site safe for the installation of the glass. Rangehoods are to be moved also for the installation and replaced by the customer after the installation.

Post Install:
Some colours, more so lighter ones, can show fixings through the glass, which can remain for up to 2 -4 weeks. These will disappear as the fixings cure.

When having the rangehood and powerpoints etc replaced, it is the customer's responsibilty to ensure the trades person carrying this out, does not push on the glass, as this can move the positioning and cause the glass to come away from the wall. This applies to any mirror installation also.

Shower screens

After the installation of the new shower screen, it is best to let cure for approximately 12 hours before use. This will ensure that all silicone has a chance to dry, as bathrooms are of a more damp environment which delays drying.

Any screens that have hinges, it is best to use sewing machine oil on these every month, to ensure the ease of use and prolong the life of the hinges.

Cleaning your glass is best done with warm soapy water and a microfibre cleaning cloth. After each shower, it is also best of you use a squeegie to take off the excess water and chemicals from the glass. All glass is of a natural substance, so if any harsh chemicals are used, it can 'expose' the pores in the glass and the products you use will get inside the glass. This may give the effect of a milky type appearance which cannot be removed. Eventually over time, glass does do this, but to prolong the life and clean appearance of your glass, it is recommended to squeegy off and only use the cleaners recommended. Harsh chemicals like bleach will also affect the alliminium around the glass and it can become pitted or spotted.

If you have Nanokote applied to your screen, you must squeegy off the excess water each day and only use the orange based cleaners and microfibre cleaning cloth.


After installation of your mirror, you must not push on the glass for the next 24 hours. If you have a powerpoint cutout in the mirror, it would be best to not use this for 24 hours as the pushing and pulling can crack the glass and or make the glass separate from the wall at that point.

When using household sprays, ensure these do not get behind the mirror as this will cause the backing of the mirror to decay and black spots will occur through the glass and/or the edges of the glass and will have a rust-like look. This is due to the chemical eating away at the backing. Best to not directly spray near the edges of any mirror or mirrorkote splashback in a kitchen as the same problem may occur.

Terms & Conditons of Claims and Warranty

Claims can only be made for work carried out by REGAL Shower Screens. Any work carried out on any product from another tradesman or by yourself will deem the warranty void.

Claims should be noted and take place at the time of installation for any faulty or damaged product. By completing the payment in full, this has deemed that you have inspected the product and that you have accepted it in full as it has been installed.

Any claims for faulty workmanship will need to be noted within 1 month of the installation.

REGAL Shower Screens offer a 12 month warranty period against defects such as exploding glass, mirror falling off the wall, (providing there is sufficient evidence that it was not tampered with) or a defect occurring in a product that is not of a third party cause.

Claims will need to be accompanied by the original documentation and proof of purchase.

This can be done by direct emailing us at: or by calling the office on 07 5596 3135 during business hours.