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Frameless shower screens

Regal Shower Screens frameless shower screen door and return with glass gussets as shelves

Elegant frameless shower screen door and return with glass gussets as shelves
REGAL Shower Screens Gold Coast

Fully frameless shower screens offer a clean uninterrupted line through your bathroom and ensuite, giving that much needed illusion of space we are all after.

Your new frameless shower screen will add that touch of elegance and sophistication to your bathroom and ensuite, giving you that lasting clean and fresh appeal.

Frameless screen hardware features high quality finishes and materials, making it a higher quality product, at an affordable price. Having no frame allows for easier cleaning, keeping that new feel for longer.

Our shower screen doors are all made to measure so we can ensure that you get that perfect custom made fit to suit the opening you have.

Your shower screen will be entirely tailor made to suit your design specifications.

An option for the more adventurous is to install your new beautiful frameless bathroom enclosure together with a wall of printed glass with an image of your choice, for instance a waterfall photograph or perhaps a large rainforest photo print which looks absolutely amazing!

Imagine coming home from a long day and having a nice long hot shower while enjoying an amazing and relaxing view!

Frameless shower screens are the top of the range shower screen and provide many design options for the creatively minded.

Our frameless shower screen hardware colour selections are:

  • Matt black
  • Chrome
  • Satin chrome
  • Gold

In our own family home we ourselves have taken advantage of the flexibility that frameless glass affords. (see photos to the right)

Our bathroom toilet has an acid etch surround to maintain privacy while still allowing light to pass through. We have also used acid etch frameless glass as a wall for our bedroom ensuite which again gives us privacy yet does not darken the room.

The formal lounge and family area in our house has been separated by using 10mm frameless glass for 2 swinging doors. The transparent glass doors have effectively contained the noise coming from each area but have kept the appearance of being a large room with a nice flow through effect.

Using glass for shower screens and even internal doors shows how versatile glass is.
Glass gives great room appeal and always looks fantastic!

Semi frameless shower screens

The semi frameless shower screen offers a fully frameless pivot door whilst having uninterrupted views free from vertical aluminium.

The slimline aluminium frame that surrounds the perimeter gives the screen a sleek finished look.

This option is for the more budget conscious while still allowing the look of elegance and sophistication that frameless glass gives.
The slimline semi frameless shower screen design provides a contemporary look and also makes the shower screen easier to clean.

This type of screen can be designed for different shapes, including 90 degree and 45 degreee angles. Whatever your opening we can provide a custom semi frameless style to suit your needs.

Framed shower screens

Framed shower screens are a beautiful and affordable option for the value conscious builder or renovator. This is a shower screen that is very adaptable to any bathroom layout or size and is also made to suit as a custom build.

Framed shower screens are also available in a sliding door model for when space is an issue and a pivot door is not an option.

Whilst the glass panels of the entire shower screen are surrounded in framing - the framing itself is not obtrusive and the framed shower screen still retains an upmarket appeal.

Frame colours available are:

  • Polished Silver
  • Anodised Matt Silver
  • Anodised Powder Coat White
  • Anodised Powder Coat Ivory