Printed Glass
Splashbacks * Feature walls and panels * Tabletops

With our range of printed glass, your options are endless.

Whether you want that bright coloured printed glass splashback to enhance and brighten your kitchen, or something to line a wall in your bathroom, even your shower enclosure.

We can also offer you a specialty range of printed glass whereby you can chose one of your favourite sceneries, or family photo and have this put onto our glass.

Printed glass is a great option for displaying that beautiful family portrait you may have had taken.


Having your photos put into our glass, will keep that treasured memory forever.

Perhaps you would like your favourite photo or collage printed into the glass on your coffee table? the table will then become something that will remain a piece of your family history forever.

Having a photographic memory enshrined in glass forever also means it will stay in much better condition than a normal photo would.

You may even like to put a beautiful water scene or rainforest theme as a feature piece in your bathroom.

How about a nice fresh fruit and vege closeup in your kitchen?

You can allow your imagination to just flow and enjoy the process of using your inner creative instinct to find an image which is a unique expression of you and the positive feelings you share with your family.

Beauty, Growth, Love, Serenity, Happiness, Nature, Joy, Peace, Hope, Bliss, Family, Unity and Loyalty are some feelings and values that may resonate with you.

If more elegance is what you are after, perhaps a night skyline in your lounge or media room would suit, or if lean more towards a happy family scene then a nice family portrait put on glass can enhance your family room forever.

Whatever picture, graphic, photograph or design you chose, we can print it behind or underneath the glass and it will create a special atmosphere that is your very own.

Textured pictures or 3D images are also possible to print on glass and will give the piece a step above the norm.

A beautiful piece of printed glass can even go on your coffee table top!

A statement piece of printed glass in your dining room will enhance any topic of dinner party conversation!

The choices are simply neverending.

Please don't forget to see our range of coloured glass splashbacks in a large range of colours and sizes.

Custom Glass

We can provide you with custom glass to suit most needs. Whether it be your new shower screen, table top, glass internal door, or glass to simply divide an area, we can offer you a range of choices and designs.

We personally have 10mm glass doors which separate our formal lounge from our family area (see photo in gallery). This allows us to watch our television in quiet and still maintain that clean flow through appeal throughout our house.

We can also offer custom glass in acid etch glass, which is translucent and unable to be seen through.
This is an excellent option to use as a room divider, or glass panel to give privacy to the toilet that maybe in a main bathroom, or even as a wall in your shower.

The choice is up to you!