Glass Splashbacks
Kitchen splashbacks in a huge range of colours

Glass splashbacks are a fantastic way to enhance and brighten your kitchen.
A glass splasback will also be a feature so it is usually worth it to spend a bit extra.

Putting a glass splashback under your kitchen bench can bring the whole kitchen to life. You can give your kitchen a certain mood by selecting a colour to give that colour block appeal, or perhaps have the glass printed to suit a particular theme of your kitchen or other room in your house.

See more about REGAL's printed glass options for splashbacks, table tops and feature walls.

Downlights added under the kitchen splashback will also bring out the colour or sparkle in the glass to give an elegant sophisticated look.

Glass splashbacks also prevent those dirty scuff marks that can appear on other surfaces used under a kitchen bench, when little feet swing off chairs and kick the kickboard.

Glass splashbacks offer a life long solution that will enhance your kitchen and add that extra special finishing touch to one of your home's major investments.

When you think about how much a kitchen reno can cost, why would you not chose a product you know will outlast most of the other items in your kitchen?

Glass splashbacks also offer a hygenic choice in your food preparation area as there is no grout for dirt or grime to get caught in. Glass can be cleaned easily and never looks tired or old.

Glass splashbacks offer the ability to colour enhance your kitchen and bring to life one of the most used rooms in our houses. Whether it be a bright bold full colour, or perhaps a print of your choice, whatever you wish, we can work with you to provide that pesonal touch to what is often the central family room in the house.

If you don't want to restrict your beautiful coloured glass feature to only the kitchen then why not use a beautiful coloured or printed glass splashback for your bathroom as well?

We know our kitchens and bathrooms are our most used rooms. Relaxation and winding down often take place in the shower or bath while fun and good times with family and friends often happens in our kitchens.
So why not create that personal family driven touch that will forever enhance your overall peace and happiness?

All our products are Australian Standard, and offer the highest of quality performance. This along with our undivided customer service to you, we can guarantee that you will be making a worthwhile investment to your home and family.

We often spend alot of money on things that don't last very long, but investing in a good quality product is money well spent, especially when we consider how often we use our showers, bathrooms and kitchens.

REGAL Shower Screens can assist you with your design requirements and promise to ensure a quick delivery, quality product, quality install, and quality service the whole way through.