Mirrors Gold Coast
Custom Bathroom mirrors - Wall Mirrors - Vanity Mirrors

Mirrors can enhance and brighten any room!

If space is an issue a large mirror can create the illusion of a bigger room and create more apparent space. If light is an issue there is no better way to reflect the current light than to use a mirror. It will enhance the brightness of any room space.

Our mirrors are all custom made to suit your needs and can be framed, micro framed or frameless, whatever your style requirements are we can make a mirror to suit.

Our framed mirrors offer a sleek slimline framing which we can colour match to your current decor or fittings.

Our frame colours are:

  • Polished Silver
  • Anodised Matt Silver
  • Anodised Powder Coat White
  • Anodised Powder Coat Ivory

The micro framed mirror offers a similar appeal to a frameless mirror but has a very sleek framing on the side of the mirror which can be helpful in creating a matching or contrast colour within the mirror opening.

We believe mirrors definitely don't have to be confined to bathrooms?

Why not use a large mirror on a wall in a living space or bedroom to create the extra brightness and larger apparent size that a mirror creates.

Large room mirrors create an illusion of a "neverending" room which is a big enhancement. We guarantee it will boost the room's overall appeal and "wow" factor!